Sunday morning (10/31/10)

The winds are right this morning !  And, weather channel added about 3 more hours to the offshore winds, its showing in Satellite and Cocoa Beach to be NNW at 5 mph until 1 Pm and NW until 11 am before switching to NNW and then NNE at 2 PM.  (though this can be plus or minus, but at least now the channel added 3 hours of offshores)

At the end of the street (7 am) 2 hours before low tide, it didn’t look like to much I believe because of the tide.  Definitely long lines, and glassy with winds NW at 2 or 3 mph.

Should be chest high to possibly head high down south, (south by the PAFB)  so enjoy the warm water and strong groundswell!!

Wish I was out there…….



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