Surf report, Thursday morning for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 02/17/11)

Our incoming swell should bring us some waist to possible chest high waves at the Cape today, with chest to overhead sets coming in down South, at Patrick and Satellite Beach.  It does look like the swell may not hit the size as the models showed 2 days ago.

I looked at the pier this morning, at dead high tide and it was waist high, with about 5 short-boarders out and 1 long-boarder.  Not a strong swell but hopefully as the swell rolls in thru noon, it may strengthen.  It looked fun though.

The winds will be ramping up today from 10 to 15 mph out of the ESE, but……..Friday morning at daybreak it looks like they will drop to 2 to 4 mph SE so there should be some really fun lines coming in, waist high plus at the Cape and chest high plus down South.

Saturday morning still looks like we will have offshore winds, it looks like 5 to 8 mph NW winds at daybreak, and waist here, and chest high down South. The water should jump up to 65 by Saturday, so toss the suits, and skin it  while soaking in the sun at 78 degrees !

France Basque country gets huge XXL swell. See the great photos at
France Basque country gets huge XXL swell. See the great photos at

This video is from a swell that just hit France,  a cove/bay called Saint Jean Luis, as you can see it’s at the far SW tip of France as it hits Spain.  See the awesome still shots here.

This has got to be the best close up video footage I have seen of big wave surfing.  The backs of these waves look like 20 foot, and the fronts look to be 20 to 30 foot plus overhead. A couple of the guys, just left that huge swell at Ireland, which was also a Billabong XXL big wave entrant.  The footage is only a minute, but the waves looks so clean, perfect and makeable  (and huge),  that they almost look ridable for the average Joe.

Enjoy the swell we have, the warm sun and the kind of waves that Europe is getting right now.  Later


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