How the Waves were Sunday morning (7/17), Surf Report Monday night (at 8:45 Pm) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted July 18, 2011)

My buddy Rob surfing Newport Beach, Ca. pier on a nice left in July of 2009
My buddy Rob surfing Newport Beach, Ca. pier on a nice left in July of 2009

Awesome waves Sunday morning for those who were in the water at a North wind break by 6:30 or  7 Am.  It was waist to chest high, (started out waist) and by 7:30 Am some chest high glassy waves peeling left and right were coming in, and only 3 of us out at Lori Wilson until 8 Am.   But by 8,  the winds switched from NNW to NE and there was still some fun sets, they started closing out and the 100 yard rides came to an end.

Tuesday morning (7/19), it should be waist to chest high and the only place to surf is a North wind break.  Meaning 4rth Street North to CCB Pier and no further North if you want the size.  The winds will be NNW from 3 to 6 mph until 10 Am.  Yeah, winds can be iffy, but the weather channel hour by hour report shows 4 am the winds turn from N to NNW and stay that way till sometime between 9 and 11 am.

The swell is 3 foot at 7 seconds, and the swell on Sunday had power and nice workable walls so I’m optimistic that Tuesday morning will be a lot of fun.  The swell drops quick thru the day cause it is just a wind swell that also had some breeze from the TD disturbance down by Bahamas/Cuba.



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