Tuesday 10:30 PM (Feb. 28) Surf Report/Update, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (February 28 2012 posted)

SURF CALL REVISION FOR THURSDAY GLASS, along with Wednesday morning, Friday and maybe Saturday…

Thursday first;  we have to drop on the wave size from the call I made Monday,  but not the glass.  Thigh high is my call for the Cape with bigger sets of course.  Rib high with maybe some rare chest high clean up sets down South in Satellite Beach.  Winds for the Cape look to be the same for Satellite Beach Thursday, with 6 to 8 mph SW, turning SSW to S before noon.  Yeah, this can change, but we’re now in our 48 hour window so I’m comfortable with a 75 to 80% accuracy on wind direction.  Keep in mind, both Thursday and Friday should have more punch to the wave than on Wednesday.

Wednesday,  same size, as Thursday, but with less power, and SSE winds in the 8 to 10 mph range until 9 AM, and then kicking it up over 12.  If you can make Playalinda, that is the place to be for Wednesday and especially Thursday.

Fridaysimilar size as Thursday, same power, but winds are showing SSW to maybe SW,  so if you can go South of 4rth or 8th Street South, you’ll have offshore winds.  Friday, the Cape is showing SSW which is sideshore winds based on the angle of our coastline up here.  If it does go SW winds at the Cape, then we’ll be good for glass also.

I KNOW WHEN I TALK WINDS, AND HOW SSW WINDS ARE SIDESHORE FOR US AND OFFSHORE FOR SATELLITE BEACH; I suspect that y’all think I’m on CRACK 🙂  You guys would do yourself a favor by taking a look at Google Maps, and check out how the coastline curves.  Why?

Because,  when I can have perfect glass and 100 yard long walls, verses,  just clean sections that close out in 30 to 50 yards, I get frustrated because I was just to lazy to take an 18 minute drive.

I won’t get all Spritual on ya here, but I will say, life is too short to take mediocre when God gives ya perfection if you’re willing to accept his gift and just drive South and enjoy his Fillet Mignon instead of just a tough Sirloin.  Just my short plug for how great it is that we have a diverse coastline in Brevard County.   I wouldn’t ever leave the Cape to live, but I will drive for 60% better surf 80% of the time.

I ADDED A PAGE TO THIS SITE CALLED “Wave Height and Wind” to our website, so you can see the best surf breaks to go to for the wind direction, and it also has the Wave Height to Body Scale chart, along with the Buoy links and our near shore water temperature.  See the page here or just click on the link at the very top of this page.

Either way, enjoy, and we’ll update Wednesday night to confirm Thursday winds.



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