Big Swell video from Pascuales, Mexico, plus Tuesday afternoon surf report update 3:30 PM August 14 2012, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (August 11, 2012 posted)

Surf coming, I believe, a nice possible bump for Wednesday morning…more in a sec

CHECK THIS AWESOME VIDEO THAT JUST PUMPED IN PASCUALES, MEXICO , RIGHT AFTER THE MASSIVE ESCONDIDO SWELL! You know my addiction with big wave (though this is only 10 to 15 foot, but, it’s still pumping)  If you’re impatient, move the scrub bar up to 1 min 12 seconds to get to the surf 🙂

Wednesday morning should have a thigh to waist high bump, at about a ground swell, with offshore winds in the morning, starting at SW after midnight and turning to WSW by around Noon.  About 9 AM is mid-tide , with high going low, which is our best scenario, high going low.

If I’m wrong, then post a comment, and I will accept my egg 🙂


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