Wednesday night Surf Report update on November 14 2012 for Thursday thru Saturday

Swell update!  The 120 mile buoy is rockin, jumping from 7 feet at 9 seconds at 5 AM this morning, to 8.5 or 9 feet at 11 seconds (solid ground swell now), so expect bigger size and more power than the great waves we had today, see video here from Tuesday November 13 at the Cape.  (yeah, down south was 2 foot bigger, but it was nice to be only 1000 feet from the paddle out today after lunch 🙂

Thursday, size should be chest to shoulder high at the Cape and some overhead sets down south in Satellite Beach. Offshore winds Thursday AM,  NW at daybreak for the Cape in the 4 to 6 mph range, switching to WNW and back to NNW by 11 or 12 and by 1 or 2, NNE or NE (onshore)

Friday Am, should be comparable size as Thursday, maybe biggerlooks like NNW winds in the 7 to 12 mph range, so we should have glass, but some texture, but hey, it sounds great!

Saturday still has the best chance of being head high to overhead and epic with perfect offshore winds, but we’ll let ya know Thursday night, if the winds still look favorable.

Water temp is around 71 ° so a spring suit felt good today (though last year I would have done just a rash guard, I think I’m finally gettin older 🙂

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