Friday night, 7 PM update, Surf update Report for Saturday November 17, 2012 12:15 PM,

Saturday Surf…Now looks to be chest high at the Cape and some Shoulder to Overhead down South, toward Satellite Beach.  Winds should have some “slight” offshores until 9 or 10 AM Saturday morning,  NNW in the 12 to 15 mph range, then turn North, Winds are now looking straight North at daybreak 5 to 10 mph and turning NNE by mid-morning, and increasing some throughout the day.  (We may get a bit of NNW for an hour , but doubtful now) For 3 days, it did look like Saturday was going to be the perfect offshore head high epic day,  but now it still looks fun if you surf up North, and get out there early.  At daybreak,  Low going high tide will be around 6-6:30 AM,  with NNW winds, so it should be really fun then. Today was fairly glassy and in the rib to chest high range, with long rides at the Cape, and couple feet bigger down south , but not as clean 🙂

The photo below, is from Don Hansen, who had a Birthday on Wednesday, Hansen Surfboards in California.

And it appears to be a full head high surf window for the next 7 days, when it looks serious offshore, we’ll share that of course.

Have a great weekend!


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