Tropical Storm Bertha has been named for our Tuesday Swell, for Tuesday, August 5 2014, stomach high ground swell? , August 01 2014 Surf report at 1:36 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , posted 08/01/2014

Doe Tuesday still look like the day?  Yeah

TS-Bertha-Monday-08-04-14-at-3PM-Magicseeweed-printscreen-08-01-14Tropical Storm Bertha as you can see, I did a printscreen shot of the storm captured at 3 PM on Monday.   And the next yellow icon of the storm is Tuesday Pm like 5 or 6 PM.   Well,  a general rule of thumb, is when a Hurricane or Tropical Storm has passed Brevard County by 100 miles or so, that is when the winds turn offshore.   That also depends how far off the coast the storm is, and how big (miles across the Fetch) it is.

Anyhow, this is why the models show offshore winds Tuesday AM , at daybreak till noon or so.  High tide is at 2:36 AM for CCB/Cape,  so that’s a good thing, for dawn patrolers and Rock scrapers.

Size for Tuesday AM,  should be in the stomach to chest high  if the period of the swell remains at 10 seconds.  Winds for 4 days running now in the models show offshore.  Sunday night, the 48 hour window, then gives me a more accurate  reading, and I will post the winds then.  By the way, if the storm increased in intensity, and the period jumped up to 12 seconds,  then size would go up most likely by a couple feet on the face.

If you want to follow the Accu-weather tracking animation/charts, check out our Tracking page here on Monday and Tuesday A.M..

Don’t forget about Friday Fest tonight at the Cape tonight from 6-10 PM.  The Cape website didn’t say who the Live band is this month, so your guess is as good as mine 🙂

Have a Great Friday!


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