Category Three Hurricane Gonzalo still looking awesome for Thursday through Sunday…Tuesday evening Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach, posted 9:45 PM 10/14/2014

When will the Groundswell part of Hurricane Gonzalo hit our beaches?  It appears to hit Thursday morning at daybreak, but we have a windswell that may bring some waves Wednesday afternoon in the thigh to waist high range.

10-14-14-Image-1-Hurricane-Gonzalo-Hurricane-Stats-at-930PM-Tuesday-from-AccuweatherBelow are first an image with the stats of Gonzalo, which has now hit a Category 3 Hurricane.  Pray for Bermuda folks!

The second image shows a clearer path and schedule of the storm.

Thursday, Gonzalo waves will be building all day and could reach in the chest to head high by 5 PM or so.  Winds should be NW or WNW in the 8 – 12 mph range.  Could make for some incredible lip spray for the challenge of dropping in fast to beat the blindness, LOL 🙂

Friday, noon to afternoon could be the biggest size of the swell.  We could see head high to 2 foot overhead sets as you head south to Satellite Beach. With stiff NNW winds probably some NW (3 days out, is a 50% accuracy guess, based upon obsessive compulsive desires for storm tracking for Hurricanes :),   but these winds could be slowing down all afternoon to the 10 mph range abouts by 4 or 5 PM.  

Hurricane Gonzalo's path, as of 9:30 PM Tuesday night, 10/14, compliments of
Hurricane Gonzalo’s path, as of 9:30 PM Tuesday night, 10/14, compliments of

Saturday looks fun chest to head high and glassy.

Sunday looks a lot smaller but still rideable and glassy.


Old-optimistic-waverider 🙂

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