I believe the swell will rebuild by 3 feet at the 120 buoy by 1 am tonight for Wednesday morning. AND THE SESSION TODAY : It was balls to the walls in Satellite at 7:15 this morning! Yeah, solid 6-9 foot faces with a number of 10 foot faces and quite a few barrels.

Jetty Park was some chest high sets this morning.  The Pier had a few head high sets.  But this NE swell was blocked by 40% in North  Cocoa Beach and the Jetty.

Typical size that we saw today in Satellite BeachIt was insane power in Satellite Beach and solid 3 to 4 foot overhead (meaning a few 10 foot faces), and barrels were definitely to be had!  Perfect glass SSW to SW winds at 3-6 mph, but coming up the face the winds proabably hit 15-20 mph magnified, so it made for some tough dropins on a light longboard.  But everyone tore it up!

Typical size at Hightowers that we saw today - photo by Mike MelitoThe 120 buoy dropped 3 feet from it’s first big peak yesterday, and even at 5 am today it hit 8.2 feet at 11 or 12 seconds, but now to 6.2 feet at 12 seconds at 10 am.  BUT !!!!  MY PREDICTION IS; that some time between 10 PM and 1 AM, the 120 buoy will jack up to 9 feet and hit 13 seconds, so Wednesday morning which will throw some 10 – 12 foot faces at the two Satellite Beach breaks.  The winds should be perfect Wednesday morning at 4-7 mph WNW.  The power will be frickin awesome, it was today at 5 ft @ 10 seconds,  so 5 ft @ 11 seconds for Wednesday morning will be 10 to 20 percent more power and size 🙂  If the swell doesn’t start climbing by 9 pm at the 120 mile buoy, I will try to put an update if the models change and it doesn’t go huge in the morning.

Thursday morning should be solid chest to 1 foot overhead, North going South with semi brisk 6 NW winds early and picking up to 10 mph perhaps by mid-morning.

Friday looks real strong angled offshore so it will be fairly textured, not as pretty but still nice size, chest high probably.

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