A Powerful ground swell coming ? , posted 8:50 PM January 24 2016

Monday night update at 8:50 PM:  I believe we will have offshore winds down south (Patrick and Satellite and further south), in the 3 to 6 mph range, SSW turning SW and maybe more west up until 9 or 10 am.  Size, shoulder to 1 foot plus overhead, with a few bigger sets.

End, Monday night update 🙂

Yes, we do have a powerful, long period ground swell coming.  And yes, the swell starts to come in Monday, and it appears that we will have offshore winds Monday morning.  But your excitement is better focused for Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂

The offshore winds Monday morning, will be blowing the leaving swell glassy, but will not be offshore for the new swell, not really.

Wednesday morning looks like a chance of some SSW offshore winds, with some chest high stuff.  Tuesday, we need to watch closely, because if the wind models do change, Tuesday is the big day.  Playalinda and Sebastian could be awesome.  Why?  Because the winds , as it stands now, appear to be SSE to South on Tuesday.  And Playalinda and Sebastian shorelines face totally different direction than CCB or Satellite, and way off base for the Cape.

Playalinda is 32 degrees offshore when the winds are direct south.  Sebastian, 26 degrees.  Otherwise, tomorrow, we will check the models to see if they swing around for us.

If it blew offshore Tuesday, we would have some nice 2-3 foot overhead waves.  Say a prayer, and lets hope for the winds to change for us Tuesday 🙂

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