Big Ground Swell is here, but with strange, opposite winds from Sebastian to the Cape. Posted Tuesday 5:45 AM 01/26/2016

1:20 PM Tuesday update. Ouch, this swell, deceived us all !  My bad !  But it is offshore right now at 2nd light as of the 12:58 PM reading, 4 mph NW winds.   This morning, is was all warbly , variable disjumbled winds that did start out offshore.  Get it now, while it’s chest high down south and offshore 🙂

End of 1:20 PM Update, Tuesday.

At 5 AM and 5:45 AM, Tuesday morning, here is what we have: The Winds are really strange (almost opposite of what said last night, MSW winds I don’t usually use, the day of) but I think they’re gonna work out.  At Sebastian Inlet buoy, they were SSW at 5 AM and are now SW, so perfect down there.

At the 2nd light wind gage (on the Patrick AFB), the winds show North at 4 mph (at 4:58 AM).

At the Trident Pier (the onshore buoy at the Cape n Jetty Park) shows NNE at 1.9 mph.

So I think, that at surf time, daybreak, winds will be NW and turn more West by 9 am, at the North end of county, and 2nd light I think will come around NW, so at very light 2-5 mph, so we could have our epic surf this morning 🙂

If it does go offshore as I believe, we should have waist to maybe, chest high with bigger sets at the Pier, and Shoulder high to 1 foot overhead plus sets in Satellite Beach.  High tide at 9:13 Am in Satellite, but with a 4 foot at 12-14 second period swell, I think the swell will break right thru high tide wherever you surf.

It will be cloudy, so skinning it may be chilly 🙂  Water temp is 62.6 and will hit 63 today.  Air temp is 57 at 5:45 but will hit 64 by 10 am.

The waves will only be offshore till 10 am I believe, so get it early !

Oldwaverider 🙂

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