Video of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review is live and there for eternity , posted January 1 2014

We have a very cool, unique group of Surfer friends in the neighborhood.  And I felt rather obsessed to share the still images and video that I have shot the last few years of as many of us as I could.

I apologize that 3 or 4 people, I was just not around, to get as much photos or video as I could, and in some of the photos, I was forced to shoot footage directly into the Sun, which can definitely degrade the photo or footage.  But with that said, I do hope y’all enjoy this, I tried to create in a way to bridge the Young and the Old 🙂


Thanks for the Opportunity,

Oldwaverider (Art)

Video of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review 2011-2013 will be live January 1st 2014 ! and more waves coming :)

THREE YEARS IN REVIEW VIDEO  of Johnson Avenue Surfers will be live on January 1st, 2014, yeah tomorrow 🙂

My apologies for not sharing any reports for the last couple of swells we have had;  as Y’all know, my main focus, is to share the Awesome Talent and Efforts, of those that surf from around the Neighborhood, by catching them on Camera or Video.  This may be at the end  of our street, the Jetty, the Cocoa Beach Pier, Satellite Beach and anywhere in between.

Screenshot capture of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review Video - December 2013
Screenshot capture of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review Video – December 2013

It’s taken me 70 or so hours to compile this baby, so that’s why I’ve been away from sharing any updates, and we all know that Surfline, Seaweed and Ross are there for that purpose anyhow 🙂

I will post the Video sometime New Years Day or tonight if I finish in time.  The Surfers present are Chad, Don, Dr. John, Sunny, Me (Oldwaverider), Chuck, Chris (Orlando), Joe (Boston), Lacey, Mike (my buddy from Lakeland), Dave (Sunny’s dad), Scooter, Ron, Tim C., Dennis (Core Surf),  and Paul (Jeremy’s kin and the Emu Bird Man).

I apologize if I missed anyone, and if I did, and you know I have footage of you, let me know, and I will update the final Video.  The Soundtrack part will be provided by Bob Marley, Guerilla Jazz of Hawaii (I hope) and perhaps one other artist.  I tried to use the Shins, but they have the U.S. blocked from using their copyright, so the tunes may have some change if YouTube lets me know.

Thanks for letting me capture the Great Times and Awesome Talent & People in sharing this compilation with You!

Happy New Year, and Be Safe 🙂


Waist to Chest high chop today and thigh to waist on Saturday, Surfing Video of Tim at Cocoa Beach Pier, Friday morning surf report at 11:30 AM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , December 13 2013 posted

Surfing Video of Tim Calderone, with some mixed footage from a couple surf sessions at the Cocoa Beach Pier in November.

Today will provide more waist to chest high wind chop Surf , with chest high sets down in Satellite BeachWinds, go from NE to ENE thru the day,  in the 10 – 15 mph range.

Saturday, size drops and the wind switches to SSE in the morning and for the day.

Sunday, more size drop with strong offshore winds.  My guess, it will be mostly to small to ride except longboarders, and mostly at the Pier.

Small almost medium Swell on the way for Sunday ! The Pier to Patrick video by Walk on Water Productions, Clean your board for the Hurricane season ! Saturday afternoon August 17 , 3:15 PM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach – August 17, 2013 posted

Tropical Storm Erin should give some waist to possible chest high chop waves Sunday thru Wednesday, and maybe a Waist high glassy morning on Thursday, or Friday, or somewhere in there, if the storm doesn’t weaken anymore.  🙂   As soon as it gets 150 miles North of Central Florida, those winds could blow offshore and give us some glass.

Compliments of hurricane tracking screenshot
Compliments of hurricane tracking screenshot

CLEAN YOUR SURFBOARD !  Yes, I just stripped my Winter wax off my board, and yes, it was melting before I got it into the water during the last swell 🙂

Below is a link to a great article about cleaning your wax.  And for the final touches,  Turpentine or Gasoline works to get the residue off.  NO ACETONE OR MINERAL SPIRITS !  THAT WILL DAMAGE THE FINISH ON YOUR BOARD !

Clean your board article here:

The Pier to Patrick – Candid footage of locals n friends – Oct n Nov 2012 from Art Hansen on Vimeo.

So long to brother Chuck! Teahupoo Bad Ass Kite Surfing Video from July 30 2013 swell, Wednesday and Thursday AM maybe something, Tuesday afternoon August 06 , 1:10 PM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach posted August 06 2013

Small swell coming in Wednesday and Thursday morning, maybe thigh high down south, with 8 to 10 mph onshore winds Wednesday morning, and maybe light SSE winds Thursday morning, and a slight chance of offshore Thursday morning.  Nothing much, but the right tide, you might get a few fun little rides !

Chuck, on a sweet bomb in Nicaragua, back in 2012.
Chuck, on a sweet bomb in Nicaragua, back in 2012.


Chuck got a shot off of Oldwaverider, with his Go Pro Camera, at our favorite break, Hightowers
Chuck got a shot off of Oldwaverider, with his Go Pro Camera, at our favorite break, Hightowers



Have a Great Week!   And so long to brother Chuck McDonald, 18 months of balls to the Water and a Good Friend 🙂


Kam Video, a new Team Rider for Johnson Avenue Surfers :) , Knee high surf probably for the next 5 days , Monday morning July 22 11:59 AM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (July 22, 2013 posted)

Kam, riding her first at Johnson Avenue, Video by DonKam, an 8 year old, Don’s grandaughter, just learned to Surf today (which was Saturday, 7/20), for the first time.  I would say, she has not only great potential, but perhaps, she puts a few in the neighborhood to shame 🙂     She has the right Stoke and Attitude!  Note: YouTube, allowed me to flip the video that was upsidedown (you know how cell phones are),  now hopefully, their processing team will make this happen, they said after I flipped it, just to sit tight, and come back 🙂

Click on the photo or here (YouTube tried to flip it for the embed version but didn’t, so, thanks for living with a link to it 🙂

Carving n Cruisin at The Pier , a Video from the Pier on Thursday March 14 around 10 AM, Friday morning, with some thigh to chest high leftovers, (Friday morning update 8 to 10 AM) , Surf Report Update…Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 15, 2013 posted)

SURF UPDATE , thigh high and glassy at the Pier this morning, and bigger down South, and

Saturday should be Long Board fun and glassy in the AM, thigh to waist high plus down South, and perhaps knee high plus at the Cape, smaller than today, but still fun. It is still holding strong in the 2.5 feet at 13 or 14 seconds at our near shore buoy as of 10:30 PM Friday night (now), and at the Fort Pierce Buoy, still around 4 feet at 14 seconds, so we still have a nice ground swell hanging on.  The 120 buoy has been out since the 11th, but I failed to see that the last few days, so I guess my medication is working 🙂

Maybe Sunday. Smaller, but fun as this 10 day piggyback swell subsides 🙂

Carvin’ and Cruisin’ at the Pier Surf Video, as we enjoy learning the world of motion graphics, at Walk On Water Productions.  With some awesome talent at the Pier, some of our Gifted Longboarders, and some shortboarders workin on their Aerials…hope you enjoy!  I accompanied the video with a Jason Mraz tune, that seemed to flow with the mellow crowd yesterday morning.

Have a Great Weekend!


January 18 update, plus Hurricane Sandy Video of Johnson Avenue from October 27 2012 Saturday, Surf Report Update for Friday January 18 2012, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (January 18, 2012 posted)


January 18 update…After being in hibernation, a Surf Report update for Friday, Saturday and Sunday  below…

The video I shot Saturday morning after I had my session, it was the first sizeable and semi-glassy day of Hurricane Sandy.  Winds were up to 35-40 mph NNW, so it made for an interesting drop in no doubt 🙂

Sunny, Chuck and a couple unknown surfers out.

Today, Friday January 18, a big NE windswell, not quite a ground swell will be moving in all day, maybe waist high at noon,  but it should be head high by dark, with 25 plus mph NE winds.

Saturday, the winds back down to maybe 15 to 20 mph, NNE to NE, with size in the chest to head high at the Cape, and Overhead down south in Satellite Beach.

Sunday morning looks to be Rib to Head high , North to South, with North winds at daybreak, so a good chance of some NNW winds until 9 or 10 is possible.  Either way, with 8 mph N winds, conditions should be clean and fun.

Have a Great Weekend!


Chad’s epic 200 yard, 18 second, 1 to 2 foot overhead drop ride, Saturday November 24 2012, Satellite Beach, Saturday afternoon Surf Report Update 11/24/12 4:15 PM, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (November 24, 2012 posted)

CHAD’s 18 SECOND RIDE,  SURFING VIDEO, 1 TO 2 FOOT OVERHEAD FACE…(Be sure to click “Full Screen” below on You Tube settings and also click 720 HD on quality)

We caught a spectacular, session with Shoulder to 2 foot plus overhead faces in Satellite Beach or Hangers.

I got some amazing rides by brother Chad, but this 2 foot overhead face, provided Chad an 18 second, 200 yard ride of perfection 🙂

This was the perfect, session, with waves that had power that kept your drop-ins, high, but wipeouts without headaches, go figure ,

Surf for Sunday should be waist high at the Cape, and Chest high in Satellite Beach, with 4 to 6 mph NW winds until 10 AMish, and then they go NNW around 6 until 1 or 2, maybe later.

Monday should also have some small but fun leftovers.


Surfing Video from today at Johnson Avenue a nice chest high day n fairly glassy, Chest to Head high waves for a week maybe, Monday evening Surf Report Update 11/13/2012 6:00 PM, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (November 13, 2012 posted)


Surf with waves every day for a Week, Chest to Head High, with a few glassy days.

Tuesday is looking to be chest to head high, clean with North winds light at day break, turning NNE by 8 AM so get out early.

Wednesday is showing chest to overhead, and shows NNW light winds until 11 AM which means glass for the Cape and clean down South, the models at show onshore Wednesday morning, so for now I go with

Thursday morning looks chest high plus, clean, maybe early glass

Friday looks like a chance of glass similar size

Saturday, looks like definite offshore winds and head high. (which means, we will have a big glassy epic day on Sat or Sun, unless the swell bumps up early)

We’ll update later tomorrow with a wind update.  I missed the glassy wind report for this morning, oops, my bad 😦

Thanks for your forgiveness 🙂