Tuesday call for Wed. Am (10/5/10)

Wednesday morning while high tide is going low, might be your best chance at riding some manageable big chop.

High tide is 6:47 Am,  so while it’s going low, from 8 to 10 may be some fun chop slop head high plus waves,  with a reasonable paddle out on a longboard.  After 10 ,  it will probably look like a washing machine..

The winds are showing around 15 mph N to NNE at daybreak, and increasing to over 20 mph as the morning goes on.

Jetty Park and the Pier are your best bet  for winds and ease of paddle out.

Saturday or Sunday may have some clean waves, but will just have to wait and see.

We’ll let ya know how Wednesday morning was after 9 or 10 Am.


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