Wednesday mid day update (10/6/10)

Hey it was fun at the end of the street from 8 to 9:30 am.  Easy paddle out, fairly clean shoulder high plus waves.   It was cleaner outside than shoreview, meaning when you paddled, ya didn’t keep hitting chop ripples.  It was actually reasonably clean.  Out for an hour or so.   2 or 3 really fun rides,  you just had a 10 minute wait or so per wave for a shoulder, crazy insane drops,  ate it 2 or 3 times, whatever 🙂

Thursday morning could be even better!!!  It should be much cleaner than this morning if the link (wind direction chart) below holds consistent like it did last night.

This morning when I checked da weather channel, and just now when I checked (2 PM) ,  its showing winds turn North at midnight tonight thru 10 am Thursday morn for Cocoa Beach, and Cape North till 7 Am,  and work their way down to 12 mph, maybe 15.  Check it out for yourself on the Cocoa Beach winds link:    So that means,  offshore for the cape and the pier!  (I should say, slightly offshore !)

Johnson Ave., North winds mean 4 degrees offshore, and at the cape, more like 9  or 10.    The pier probably 2 degrees, but plus the pier blocks.  I’m thinking chest high plus (at Johnson) and semi-glassy or clean with lots of texture in the morning.    Definitely wear a rash guard.  It will be chilly.  The water is still warm, but the breeze n air temp will be cool.

Should be a good sesh in the morning, but make sure and hit it 8ish so the winds are in your favor, they turn NE around 10 ish.   Plus the tide is perfect, high going low, easy paddle out, lots of power, and much cleaner when its high going low.

Hope you can head out.   It was just me and some other loner a couple hundred yards away this morn.


oldwaverider (Art)

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