Cape Canaveral surf report update, Monday night (12/20/2010)

My signature maneuver :)  Photo taken by a friend at Perkins, Nov - Dec 2009.
My signature maneuver 🙂 Photo taken by a friend at Perkins, Nov - Dec 2009.

Our four foot 9 second period swell will probably be hitting the beach in the early AM Tuesday and we could have some NNW light off-shore winds in the early daylight hours.  But it will be around 48 degrees at daybreak or colder.  The water temp is 59 degrees right now at the Port.  By Wednesday, it may be up to 60.  Hurahh……….

Then by late morning, the winds should be going NNE, and this should be bringing in our long period 13 second period Nor’easter swell in the late afternoon to early evening.  The winds probably will be onshore until after midnight Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning the swell should be 3.5 feet at 11 seconds with W winds in the daybreak hour, and switching around to NW by late afternoon, in the 8 to 12 mph range.  It should only be around 50 degrees at daybreak Wednesday, but if you wait till High tide going low, (wait till 10, which is 2 hours after high), then the temp ought to be above 60 degrees and sunny, ah yes, sunny.

Wednesday morning, this should bring us some thigh to waist high waves at the Cape, and some chest to shoulder high waves in Satellite Beach with some respectable power.

The shape of the swell, as far as close-outs a bunch, or great shoulders, is a tough call right now, since the swell won’t be that big, and with little time to form, so I would say check out a few breaks, and just choose the one with the least close-outs.  Hah, kind of a no-brainer eh?

The cool thing is, that even though the swell drops off a little during the day Wednesday, with offshore winds, it may pickup just a little in size Thursday AM which may also have some offshore winds for us too.

Wednesday morning, high tide is 8:09 AM for the Cape, so you can let it warm up a bit, and paddle out at 10 Am, with High going Low, and have a great session.

Christmas Eve looks like a new swell coming in, in the morning, and with possible strong off-shore winds on Christmas Day.

Hope to see ya out there!


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