Christmas Eve surf report update for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (12/24/10)


A sesh at hangars 12/10/10, fun even with the chop.  Photo taken by a friend.
A sesh at hangars 12/10/10, fun even with the chop. Photo taken by a friend.

It looks like our surf remains consistent (we hope) with last nights anal retentive data check 🙂

I believe we’ll see thigh to maybe…..waist high in the Cape, and chest high plus in Satellite Beach.  The swell looks to be 3.5 feet at 11 seconds, maybe 4 feet, it’s been hanging around 7 to 8  feet at 12 seconds at the 120 buoy so we should have a pretty strong ground swell in the morning.  The winds in CB are showing 3 to 7 mph from the SSW, so with the land warming up quicker than water, we may still see some pressure generated to push those winds more like SW. (I’m optimistic anyhow)

Water temp is 60 and should hold at that for the day.   Dawn air temp is 45-48, low tide, around 7, high at 10:30 AM. The high temp for the day is around 74, sunny with partly cloudy times.

The tides not ideal, but if you paddle out at daybreak it should be awesome, but chilly,  I have a spring suit, so I’ll wait till 10 Am and hit a high tide break in South Cocoa, unless the rocks are breaking in Satellite.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a great Christmas Day surf sesh!


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