How the Waves were plus Billabong XXL Nominees 2011 … n Surf report, Friday noon surf forecast (12:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 04/08/11)

2011 Billabong XXL Award nominees. from MSW on Vimeo.

Today, Friday, 8:30 to 10 Am, the waves were insanely fun just past 2nd light.  Thigh to waist high,  light offshore winds SW 3 mph,  and the lefts especially were pitching hard enough to make you work to stay ahead.  IT WAS SO CLOSE TO A LITTLE GROUND SWELL, THE LINES WERE FAIRLY LONG, I THINK I’LL CALL IT A GROUND/PEAK WINDSWELL!!

Very few closeouts or very few unmakeable waves.  Breaking outside and all the way to the sand without bumping a rock , probably just a board length or two shy of football field long rides.

And………….. Only 2 of us out,   NO WETSUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yeehawww!

Anyhow,  Saturday and Sunday report, forecast ,  guess, ha, whatever, still looks good for the small incoming possible ground swell still.   As I just looked, the 120 buoy will continue to build throughout today and tonight,  so I believe we will have some waist high plus waves down south (maybe a stomach high set every now and then 🙂

The winds should be light offshore Saturday morn, in the 5 to 6 mph WSW range at daybreak, and rolling around to NNW by 11 ish.  Sunday,  the swell may be stronger but smaller, but WNW winds light, turning North by noon, at least for Satellite Beach.

It was so fun today, and the swell was only 4 feet at 9 seconds at midnight last nite at the 120, and showed 2 foot at 8 seconds at the 20 mile, but it had plenty of punch and long rides today.

Enjoy Saturday Am and get out there early.  Low tide is around 6:30,  so from 7:00 till 10 it should be getting better till the onshores get on it.

Billabong XXL Videos,  you know I can’t live without em,  so I had to place this one in, for the highlites of 2011.  Thanks to for placing this one on Vimeo and their site, Enjoy!

Have a great weekend and surf sesh.


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