How the Waves were Wednesday morning, New Tropical Depression No. 14, Hurricane Katia update, Surf Report Wednesday night (at 5:15 PM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted September 07, 2011)

Tropical Storm Maria is still 2600 miles Southeast of us, but by Monday it will be quite close. Compliments of
Tropical Storm Maria is still 2600 miles Southeast of us, but by Monday it will be quite close. Compliments of

My apologies.  I should have stuck to my original gut instinct, as I shared on last nights post/report, regarding the size.  This swell that only hit 6 feet at 14 seconds at the 120 buoy created 10 foot plus solid faces this morning at O’ Club.

It was 3 to 4 foot overhead (on the major sets, with an ocassional, rogue wave too, maybe 1 foot bigger on the face)  at O’ Club, probably a foot bigger at RC’s.  Word was, it was closing out pretty bad in Satellite Beach, but O’ Club, if you let the closeouts roll by,  epic form with no closeout was to be had.

If you tried to make a full bottom turn, short board or longboard, you got pounded.  I learned fast.  Take the drop and slam hard halfway down, and back up under the lip and there were plenty 150 to 200 yard rides to be had.  YES, THAT’S WHAT I SAID.  THE SET WAVES AROUND 11 AM, IF YOU LET THE CLOSEOUTS PASS BY, AND THERE WERE PERFECT WAVES ALL THE WAY TO THE BEACH.   THE PADDLE OUT WAS PROBABLY 250 TO 300 YARDS, THUS THE 200 YARD RIDES.  Lefts and Rights, incredible, perfect glass, light winds, and no crowds!

The first paddle out took 6 minutes.  The 2nd was brutal, 18 minutes.  The first session was the long rides.  The 2nd was more rides but more dumpage, do to fatigue 🙂

Thursday,  overhead down south again, PROBABLY THE SAME SIZE AS WEDNESDAY MORNING FOR HALF OF THE DAY ! WSW to noonish then SW 4 to 10 mph winds,  glassy and mid-tide, high going low is the best time.

Friday, waist to shoulder high.  (Cape verses Satellite) Glassy WNW  to West to SW, 4 to 6 mph.

Sea Lice again...
Sea Lice again...

Still some Sea Lice out there, so prepare for those big mosquito bites ;( Plus there is still Moon Jelly fish laying on the beach.

Tropical Storm Maria is about 2600 miles SouthEast of us and ought to be 650 miles east and a little south of Miami on Monday.

Nate is in the Gulf, and could cause some issues if it heads Northeast.

Enjoy epic Thursday!

Forgive my backing down on the original size mentioned last night.


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