2 New Faces at Peahi and the Best Paddle-In Video footage at Jaws I’ve seen, Surf Update Tuesday night 10:30 PM February 7 2012, Surf Report , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (posted February 07, 2012)

Short Surf Report belowthe focus now is big wave video, my drug of choice 🙂

I had better be seeing one of you Johnson Avenue (and nearby streets :),  Surfers asking Kelly Slater for the next steps you need to take to put yourself in places of Billabong XXL Surf locations.  Not everyone or anyone is a hard core adrenaline junky,  and not all adrenaline junkies burn their testosterone on the sport of Surfing,  but the one who is,  it’s a great chance to pursue your passion and live a dream of very few who have ever given it a try by just asking one of the folks in the Surfing World in Brevard how you can get started.  It can’t hurt to have God on your side too like Slater and a number of others 🙂  (this is a blog right?,  so I have to express opinions, you don’t have to buy them,  but I do hope to help with producing those videos in the future)

This footage, is the sickest, most close-up, crystal clear stock of up close Jaws paddle-in surfing of 45 to 60 foot face Jaws.  The day was January 4, 2012.  Yeah there’s been a number of videos lately on the two massive paddle in sessions at Jaws this year, including that awesome Jeff Rowley footage;  but these are 2 Surfer faces that aren’t seen there or haven’t been seen there before.  Alex Gray,  a balsy charger in the massive Cloudbreak, Fiji swell of July 2011,  and I know other spots in the last year and a half (just can’t remember right now, and I’m sleepy).  Plus, his eye for video and video creation and editing makes it that much more alive.  His friend Dave Wassell, another insane charger (also a life guard in Hawaii and a Comedian, go figures :), who also has a respected set of Testostorone producing big wave chasing _ _ _ _s, some images from Cloudbreak of Dave show his passion for big-wave paddle in.

This video is pure eye-candy.   I hope you have a Free Vimeo account so you can enjoy this puppy.  (Vimeo is the YouTube place but with super HD full screen video as a standard)

Peahi “Jaws” 1/4/12 from Turkeymelt on Vimeo.

The next few days we should have smaller than today down South, but more of the same, kinda of 2 to 3 foot swell that can be fun at the right tides. But Sunday night we do have a 5 to 6 foot swell rolling in that should be around for at least 2 to 3 days. The winds look to be N to NNW Wednesday Am in the 7 to 10 mph range and then going straight North.  At the right tide it could be fun.

When Sunday gets closer we’ll track the swell and winds a little tighter.  Have a great Wednesday hump day!


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