Tropical Storm Cristobal Update plus the NKF Labor Day Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach Pier August 29 through September 1, 2014

Will we see Tropical Storm Cristobal Monday morning?  Yep!

It hit the 120 mile buoy at 12 Noon today, around 3 feet at 10 seconds, and just hit 4.6 feet at 11 seconds at 6:50 PM reading.  At 8 am this morning, the swell that was out there was 2.3 feet at 6 or 7 seconds.

Monday morning, it should be around waist high, because the winds will be onshore, but maybe under 10 mph up until 8 am, then pickup up to 10 to 15 mph my guess by noon.  It most likely will be raining with thunder storms around in the morning too. By Monday at 6 PM, it should be solid head high down south, maybe overhead, and chest to shoulder high at the Pier.  Tuesday, size should jack up another foot on the fact, with head high onshore chop at the pier with bigger sets, and head high to a foot or two overhead down south.

Wednesday morning should be shoulder to head high with 8 to 12 mph onshore winds, with the winds possibly backing off a little all day.  So , if you can get out, wait till 9:30 or 10 (high tide at 9:30), and catch it to mid tide high going low, with the winds slowing down a bit.  Swell size starts to drop after 3 or 4 pm, as the models show right now.  Wednesday should be a lot of fun.

Thursday, size drops off quite a bit, but still may have some chest high waves with even lighter onshore winds, like 4 to 8 mph, so it should be lots of fun Thursday.   Friday should have some fun leftovers for the Surf contest, in the waist high plus range, light onshores, maybe offshore early.  Saturday, will most likely be longboard only with offshore winds.

We’ll post more accurate winds Monday night to see what to expect for Wednesday.  All these forecasts could change if the storm weakens, picks up speed.  (disclaimer done 🙂

Want something to do next weekend?  Here ya go,  the NKF Labor Day Surf Festival, and here is a screenshot of the website, check out all the events! Follow the link to check it out at their website here:


29th Annual NKF (National Kidney Foundation) Rich Salick Pro/Am Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach Pier and other locations

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