Two fairly Big Swells coming this Week for Thursday and Friday, 09/24 & 09/25 . Posted Monday, 09/21/2015 at 2:30 PM

We had some really fun surf on Friday 09/18 and Saturday 09/19.  Friday has a little more juice, and was thigh to rib.  Saturday had less juice but was waist to rib high.

Thursday morning 09/24 this week could bring us some waist to shoulder high surf , maybe even glassy at first light.  We’ll know better on the winds by Tuesday night.  The swell coming in for Thursday is an entirely different swell than the one coming in Friday.  Thursday is a steep NE swell, almost a ground swell due to the size of the fetch, but not quite.  But due to the distance it is traveling, I am expecting some decent punch to it.  The Cape may be blocked out quite a bit from the Thursday morning swell, but not Satellite Beach.  The Pier should feel it though.  The photo below could be indicative of Thursday or Friday morning surf this week.

My buddy Ken from Melbourne, going left at 4rth street North, at the Melito resort.  Hurricane Maria, 2011

Friday morning, the next new swell is a solid ground swell coming straight from the East.  As it stands right now, it looks to be 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, with offshore winds maybe at first light.  Again, too early to confirm the wind.  But, if it is offshore at that size swell, we should expect rib to shoulder high waves, with possibly bigger sets, in Satellite Beach.

We should have something rideable Wednesday morning, with maybe clean conditions with North winds at 5-8 mph in the AM.  Clean up North here.  Down in South CCB and Satellite, that would be onshore.

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