Cape Canaveral surf report update, Thursday night (12/09/10)

Another chilly November - December day at Perkins, 2009 by a photographer friend of mine.
Another chilly November - December day at Perkins, 2009 by a photographer friend of mine.

We have a 4.5 foot at 15 second period swell that should be fully here by noon Friday,  but most of the swell ought to be here in Cape Canaveral some time tonight after midnight.

If the Cape isn’t blocked out to bad we should see some thigh to waist high waves (the swell is from the ENE) , and perhaps chest high plus down south in Satellite Beach.  The winds may be NNW from 8 to 11 mph in the morning, both in the Cape and Cocoa Beach.

It should only be 50 plus degrees at daybreak, and rising fast but it’s a trade off between cool temp with low tide and NNW winds at dawn patrol or waiting till high going low (high tide around 10:45 AM), so 11:30 Am, but winds switching out of the North but 65 degrees 🙂

I believe I’ll do dawn patrol, if there’s no morning sickness in the water, maybe the pier or one of the North wind breaks on this side of Minuteman Cswy.   Keep in mind, that the huge Nor’easter on Nov. 14th was supposed to have NNW winds which isn’t a good call for the Satellite Beach rock/reef breaks, but they turned out to have the most epic surf.  See the pics here:

Saturday should have some good leftovers, and Sunday we’ll just have to wait and say how strong and big the swell is.

Suit up, and enjoy the swell , cool weather, and maybe we’ll have some shoulders lining up for us!


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