Cape Canaveral surf update report, Friday night (12/03/10)

Another chilly November, December '09' taken of me by a friend of mine at Perkins.
Another chilly November, December '09' taken of me by a friend of mine at Perkins.

It was pretty fun down at Hightower park break,  waist to chest high, with some bigger drops.   It was an hour before low tide, but the swell was big enough that no rocks stuck their nose out.  It was Pretty clean, semi-glass, since the winds jumped around NNW to ocassionally NW.

Only 3 of us out, so there were no profanities necessary out there 🙂   Two guys from Broward County checking out some Brevard surf,  they seemed pretty stoked and they got a bunch of rides, shredding pretty nice,  and then me out there. I was kooking this sesh a little, but thank God I caught a killer, large set right that had a nice long shoulder 5 or 6 seconds with a crazy initial drop, so it made the sesh totally worthwhile 🙂

I checked the pier (n Johnson Ave.) but my street was closing out, and the pier was glassy, but only about thigh high, and at 45 degrees air temp, and 69 water temp, I don’t know, it just seemed worth checking out some bigger size  down South in consideration for the ‘Chill Factor’.     Hightowers was the right call.

It looks like we have plenty of Nor’easter activity again headed our way, but it looks like most of the swell will be pushing away from us offshore, so for now, its doesn’t look like anything solid coming to us till past Sunday anyhow.

Have a great weekend!


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