Surf report Wednesday night plus How the Waves were on Monday night, and surf forecast (9:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 04/27/11)

Monday night at Hangers, chest to shoulder high with head high drops,  paddled out at 5:15,  caught one shoulder to head high drop,  (about 150 yard paddle out), and that puppy took me all the way to the beach and I came in.  Which all sessions were like that.  I went home after that.  Yeah, it was 15 plus mph se winds but the shoulders were holding up for lefts and rights.  Great sesh.

Thursday morning ought to be waist to chest high down south,  looks like the winds changed to south (originally showed ssw for the first 3 hours of daybreak) at 10 to 14 mph until 10ish.    The breaks from O’ Club south have 6 degrees or more offshore winds when out of the south.

If you go down to Spanish House or Sebastian, the angle of direct south winds provides 26 degree offshore, and Playalinda would be 32 degrees offshore with south winds but, oops…………….Playalinda closed with the hopeful shuttle launch.

Okay,  the swell may drop a little but not much for Friday morning, and the winds should be WNW at daybreak, and turning NNW until 10 am, and then by 11 am or later it turns North and then NE.

Get out by 7:30 or 8 on Thursday right at mid-tide, with high (5 am)  going low, which is best for us.

Friday Am, get out by 8 also, otherwise you lose the offshore glass.

Have a great sesh.


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