This morning wind swell should be bringing solid waist to probably chest high glass for Friday morning September 18th! Posted Thursday 09/17 at 8:47 AM

What are the probabilities of waist to chest high glassy waves coming true Friday morning?  The images I clipped from below are a 6 am swell size reading for both this morning Thursday at 6 am , and also for the projected 6am swell and its closeness to shore for Friday morning.

Thursday-6am-09-17-15-6am-Swell-position-compliments-Magicseaweed.comExcellent I’ll say,  Why?  Yes, it is a wind swell, so yes, as you look at the Fetch of the swell, the lighter blue moving swell section only covers maybe a 500 mile fetch distance, but it does have a greater body of fetch then just that lighter blue significant part approaching our local coast.  And for 4 days now, the models have predicted this swell with glass.  (yes, it could have light 2-4 mph onshore winds Friday morning, but I believe it will be at least calm to offshore till 9am, and then God’s choice from there) The only variance, has been the swell for Satellite Beach has fluctuated back and forth from waist hight , then up to chest, and back to waist, but today, at 9 am , Sept 17th, it now shows a strong chart of chest high for even a daybreak till late afternoon interval.  So I’m excited!

Friday-6am-09-18-15-6am-Swell-position-compliments-Magicseaweed.comSaturday, has also been even more consistent, at its thigh to rib high model with straight offshore glass till mid-morning.

What’s also great?  Is the tide is perfect, with a 5:09 am low tide Friday morning, and a 6:00 am low tide for Saturday morning.

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